Young woman in the main lobby.

Reading in the library.

Making friends in the cafeteria.

What Our Residents Say About the Brandon

"Coming from another country, it was important to my parents that I have a safe place to live in New York City, and I found it at the Brandon."

"I was very lonely when I first came to New York and moved into an apartment by myself.  Then someone told me about the Brandon.  I applied and was accepted and this is a much happier situation for me, at least for now."

"I teach in the area, but my home and husband are three hours away in Pennsylvania.  This was a simple solution for me, staying here weekdays and going home on the weekends."

"Living at the Brandon for a few months was a really smart decision.  It allowed me time to consider where I wanted to live permanently in the city."


In a city that can be quite daunting to new arrivals, the Brandon offers a transitional haven.

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