Are you one of the lucky ones blessed to have a lawn in their property? If you are then you must take advantage of this and turn this space into something beautiful. Do not just settle for kid’s playground sets in your yard; be sure that you utilize it as best as you can. There are so many yard ideas that you could apply to your own space depending on how big and small it is but the very common one that can be applicable to every kind of space is planting grass or growing grass in that particular space. This is true because most home owners who are concerned about their yards and their properties have grown out grasses in them and professional landscapers like Landscaper Darwin encourage you to do the same.  


If you are blessed with a bigger lawn then you must plant the grass of your choice in it for it to be greener and better. There are so many benefits of having grass in your yard and one of which is increasing the visual appeal of your home; a wide space of green and growing grass look so beautiful from the outside and helps the entire look of the home to feel clean and fresh. Plus, it is also a great help in the environment because you are adding more plants that helps mother earth in so many ways. Thus, as a responsible home owner, this is one of your tasks that you should take.  

To give you an idea on what to plant, we have provided you with a list of different grasses that you could select from to grow in your yard. We hope that you will indeed use one of these grasses in your own property and improve it through planting grass.  

1. Tall Fescue 

You will not be worrying about this grass even if will go through drought periods because this has deeper roots which allows it to survive. Therefore, if you are living in a hotter region of the world then this one is the perfect grass for your property.  

2. Fine Fescue 

This one is different from the first one because you should see to it that you give this shade for this is what it prefers. This means that if this is exposed to drought or too much heat, it could die. The best area where you could put this type of grass is at the foot of your trees or other plants so that they could create a barrier from the sun.  

3. Zoysia Grass 

This is very common at areas like golf courses which are very exposed to direct heat or sunlight because this type of grass prefers the heat of the sun.  

4. Kentucky Bluegrass 

If you are living in a cooler area then this one is for you because this one loves the cool season and it lives better in cooler temperatures.  

5. Bermuda Grass 

Surely, you have heard of this because this is one of the more popular kinds since it is able to survive both the cold and the hot climates.  

Make sure that you consider the area where you are situated because this will affect the growth and survival of the grass